Ben Smith

Field CTO

NetWitness, an RSA Business

Ben Smith is an information security & risk management professional, international presenter, patent holder, published author, and the Field CTO for NetWitness.

Thursday, April 28th, 2022 09:25 Online

Ingredients for SOC-cess in 2022 and Beyond

Even though we are all focused on the “here and now” of our busy cybersecurity world, today’s modern security operations center (SOC) has deep roots going back more than 50 years! The concept of a SOC has constantly evolved over time to meet new challenges and new adversaries. And new technologies seem to arrive every year which manage to improve the SOC’s response time but also tend to complicate the SOC’s working environment. Join this keynote for some thoughts about the characteristics of a highly-tuned SOC, as well as a few predictions about the human-centric future of the SOC.