Thomas Maxeiner

Sr. Manager Systems Engineering Cortex Germany & Eastern Europe

Palo Alto Networks

Technically versed IT Security Professional, with 18 years experience in Product Management, Sales and Presales Management. My work style is creative to develop new ideas and initiatives to support the companies mission and success. At the same time I am a structured and analytical person to drive the best results and outcomes.
I am a convinced team player because I believe that the different strengths and views of a diverse team will lead to the biggest joint success.

Thursday, April 28th, 2022 14:40 Online

The Autonomous SOC - The X-Factor for a modern and agile Cyber Security Architecture

Many companies can no longer efficiently use the extremely large amounts of data in the cybersecurity environment for their own effective defense strategy. Too many alerts and not enough people are leading to big blind spots. A radical rethink is needed to withstand modern cyberattacks. We are introducing the Autonomous Security Operations Center by Paolo Alto Networks.