Gábor Szabó

Cyber Defense Advisor


Gábor Szabó held leader roles at global Financial, Commerce and Oil & Gas organizations in the fields of Cyber Security Operations, Management and Engineering. Utilizing 15+ years experience in defense arhitecture design and incident response, Gábor is focused on the development of IT and ICS SOCs.

Thursday, April 28th, 2022 13:25 Online

Verdict: Uncertain – When and How to Use Malware Reverse Engineering Skillsets in a SOC

Malware analysis is inevitable at some point in the life of all cyber security teams. Numerous technologies provide automation-aided support for the analysis. The challenge is caused when even further malware reverse engineering is required to support incident management. The presentation highlights the need for malware reverse engineering and its placement amongst SOC processes. Also collects the challenges of establishing this capability in-house and the benefits of utilizing it as a service.