Sean McCue

IACS / Enterprise Cybersecurity Consulting Architect


Sean McCue has been active in the field of Cyber-security and Cyber-defence for more than 25 years. During this time he has performed various roles, ranging from being on the receiving end of building cyber strategy and defences as an end client, as well as working within the channel architecting and delivering cyber-security solutions, also working at various cyber-security vendors, promoting cyber products and solutions. Throughout these roles, Sean has been responsible for understanding the specifics of the cyber-defence challenge and then designing and building strategy, processes and solutions to his cyber-defence remit. During this time, Sean has worked with IT (Information Technology) Cyber-security vendors such as; McAfee (formerly, Webwasher AG), Symantec (formerly Axent Technologies), Proofpoint, Clearswift (formerly, Content Technologies), Sophos and SecureWorks (as part of DELL.)
The last 10 years have been spent focusing on Industrial, Process and Automation cyber-security challenges and building solutions for these systems and environments. Otherwise known as OT (Operational Technology) Cyber-security. During this period Sean has worked for various OT based vendors, such as; Industrial Defender (and through acquisition, Lockheed Martin and Leidos) and Nozomi Networks. Additionally, Sean spent a period working as an independent consulting architect and now works at SCADAfence, designing and delivering cyber-security solutions based upon the SCADAfence solution set.

Thursday, April 28th, 2022 11:00 Munich

How to prevent Cyber Attacks In Manufacturing Environments – The Anatomy of a Targeted ICS Ransomware Attack

I discuss the issue of protecting your manufacturing environment through the breakdown of an actual Cyber Attack that we investigated on behalf of a client.
This ‘Anatomy of a Cyber Attack’ looks into the processes employed by the threat actor as they seek to achieve action on their objective. Through investigation and incident response, we determine the best course of action and how to prevent further intrusions. Although this example in in Manufacturing, the event and processes are universally applicable.